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Why the Fit Team Shop was Created
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Hey! I am Keishia.


As a multi-passionate Entrepreneur, I love to serve others by providing them with practical solutions to solve their everyday problems.


Over the past 5 years I have built an online community (The Legacy Project) of women by serving them with solutions to fit fitness into their busy life. As the community grew over the years, we wanted apparel to wear to represent The Legacy Project and the impact it was having in our lives.


As the leader of the community, I went on a search to find an AFFORDABLE company to partner with to create a branded collection just for our Legacy Project community that also included an online store. My search left me frustrated and defeated. 

I knew if I was having this problem, that other Leaders who had created community/teams was also having the same problem I was.

So I created the SOLUTION.


Enter The Fit Team Shop.

The Fit Team Shop Partners with other Impact Leaders to provide affordable branded apparel and online team shops. Our mission is to help create more brand awareness and belonging amongst other teams and communities!

Interested in partnering with us to create your own

Team/Community Shop? Let's do it!

Click Here for the Details!

**Keishia Embry is a woman of faith, wife to Chase, and mom of 2 who lives in a small town near Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

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